Chicago, IL – Progressive reformer and Democratic candidate for Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court, Jacob Meister has issued the following statement in response to federal prosecutors’ recommendation to send a longtime employee of Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court Dorothy Brown to prison for lying to a grand jury.

“Following a week where Cook County residents saw the County Clerk battling accusations of improper hiring by watchdog Michael Shakman and a State Representative resign under a criminal charge who then tried to appoint his own replacement, voters are yet again greeted with a morning story of corruption in Cook County Government.

“Our system is shameful and corrupt. The sale of jobs by public officials is at the core of a patronage system that has controlled and threatened our government for decades. Government needs to operate in the public interest, not beholden to private interests. Whether jobs are doled out by party bosses as political favors or sold to the highest bidder for personal profit, is all the same. We need to ensure that taxpayers are receiving all of the benefits of our tax dollars. Insider and pay to play backroom deals should not dictate who is employed to operate our government. I pledge to hire the best and most qualified who will provide taxpayers value for their tax dollars.” 

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