The Clerk of the Court’s office is ground zero of corruption, fraud, and waste in Cook County government.  The current Clerk runs a patronage den, collects political contributions from employees and sells jobs for cash.  

It’s time to acknowledge that not all Democrats are the same — that those who make a career of selling-out government for personal profit are a danger to us all and that the Democratic party must embrace true reform and say, never again.   

I am Jacob Meister. I’m the progressive reform candidate for Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court and I hope you’ll join me in my fight to bring reform to the Clerk’s office. 

Spend an hour with the energetic Meister and you come away convinced: He knows how to fix this office and has the passion to do it.

Chicago Tribune - 3/8/2016

Meister has litigated cases across the country and knows first-hand what an efficient court system looks like. We like his common-sense plan…

Chicago Sun-Times - 2/19/2016

Watch – A Progressive Reformer

Restoring Trust in our Court System!

Jacob will fight to:

  • End decades of corruption and neglect at the Clerk’s office.
  • Run an independent office without the influence of machine politics.
  • Overhaul current technology with a modern case management system.
  • Ensure that litigants who don’t have a lawyer can navigate bureaucracy.
  • Make the Clerk’s office accessible to working families.
  • Be an active voice for social justice.
  • Reduce wasted court time for police officers, resulting in more police time on the streets in our communities.

Friends for Jacob Meister

2129 N. Western

Chicago, IL 60648

(773) 278-6555